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Provide Clean Water - Start a Water Filter Business in India!

This includes pre-training in Water and Sanitation, surveying the needs in the village, and training two people from the target village.
It includes their travel to the training facility, housing, all training materials and a "start-up kit" with all equipment and materials needed to produce their first 25 BioSand Water Filters. They will sell these units at a small profit which keeps them employed and allows for purchase of more materials.
You may sponsor all or part of a BSF Start-up Business.

Women's Literacy Training

You can help train 12 ladies, meeting weekly to go from illiterate to "reading", "writing" and doing "math" at the 5th grade level in 12 months!  Your investment provides everything needed: all printed material and even a stipend for the teacher.
Bilingual Education for Low-Caste Kids

When you are born into the lowest caste in India, you are pretty well stuck there. Children seldom complete a 5th grade education it they go to school at all. If they attend a government school, it will be taught in the local dialect which will not really help in the children’s future. English is the “trade language” and our partnering schools run by Christian pastors and leaders provide a superior education and they learn English from kindergarten. This goes a long way toward helping a child break free from the caste to which they were born.

If you are unable to cover an entire project, you may choose an amount to contribute that works for you.
Our Biggest Need Fund (BNF)

When a need comes along that we did not plan for, some unrestricted funds can really do miracles! Thank you for allowing us to direct your giving to or Biggest Need Fund (BNF), you're a huge blessing!