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Our Mission
Global Helps Network is a Christian 501c3 registered charity who exists for the purpose of aiding, training, equipping and funding other non-profit organizations, civic organizations, schools, and churches in their global efforts to help the disadvantaged in developing countries, with a particular focus on India.

Our Vision
  • Develop a network of individuals with a keen interest in helping the disadvantaged in developing countries, globally.
  • Collect and investigate a variety of projects from developing countries that are in need of funding.
  • Present organizations with opportunities to consider for partnership.
  • Develop a partnership agreement and strategy between “in-country” recipients, the contributing entities, and Global Helps Network.
  • Provide a structure for contributions, hands-on involvement, follow-up, and accountability for the partnerships developed.
  • Offer opportunities for individuals and groups to participate in vision trips to see our work in action.
  • Bestow the gift of dignity through vehicles such as Self Help Groups and micro-loans.
  • Provide community development for a chosen village, slum, or community, holistically and spiritually.  This could include offering humanitarian aid, developing businesses, training in job skills, establishing schools, providing medical clinics, and interacting with local clergy.